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 Erikus's gm app

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PostSubject: Erikus's gm app   Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:35 pm

In-Game Name: dont have one yet
Real Name:Erik
Date of Birth:19/02/1995
Location: ireland
Postcode: dont have
Time(GMT or EST): gmt +1
Account Name:Erix95
Join Date(Server): 2010-08-09
Our Server Characters(Name,Class,Race):dont have one yet
Time Played(type /played):0
MSN: erix95@freemail.hu
Email: erix95@freemail.hu

What are you applying for?

GM Section -
Past Servers:
Command for: mangos,arcEmu and i had experience with trinity.
Searching all tickets(Trinity): .ticket onlinelist
Opening a ticket(Trinity): .ticket view (id)
Closing a ticket(Trinity): .ticket close (id)

Q: GM i need some more gold, i lost it all please help.
Your Reply: Hi, i cant give you items or gold im sorry.

Q: I have found this bug, what should i do?
Your Reply: Hi, please post it on the forums so the developer team can fix it, thank you! Smile

Q: "Name" is hacking what should i do?
Your Reply: Hi, do you have a screenshot of "name" hacking?
If yes i would like to see it.
If no, i will ask for one.
or appear at "name" to see if its true.

I have also made my own private server last year and got experience with it!
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Erikus's gm app
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