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 Kimon sql dev application

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PostSubject: Kimon sql dev application   Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:30 pm

In-Game Name:Kimon:)
Real Name: Simon Gustafsson
Date of Birth: 19940202 something like that :p
State:Hmm :s västragötaland
Time(GMT or EST): +1 GMT
Nicknames:Kimon kimen simon
Account Name:Do not have a account yet
Join Date(Server):...
Our Server Characters(Name,Class,Race):
Time Played(type /played):

Experience with SQL: I have worked with SQL for two years.I can fix spells,items,object etc .
Level of skill (0-10):7
Experience in emulation:I have worked with wow emulators for 2 years.I know every command for trinity,mangos,arcemu
What emulator database structures you know best? I really dont know
Show example of your work (use pastebin & link)

i reinstall the computer the other day and forgot to save. so this is all i can find Razz

ALTER TABLE db_version CHANGE COLUMN required_9735_01_mangos_spell_proc_event required_9735_02_mangos_spell_chain bit;

DELETE FROM `spell_chain` WHERE `spell_id` IN (53709, 53710, 53711);
INSERT INTO `spell_chain` (`spell_id`, `prev_spell`, `first_spell`, `rank`, `req_spell`) VALUES
('53709', '0', '53709', '1', '0'),
('53710', '53709', '53709','2', '0'),
('53711', '53710', '53709', '3', '0');
i also know c++
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Kimon sql dev application
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