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 Deanos' GM application

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PostSubject: Deanos' GM application   Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:28 am

In-Game Name: Well it will probally be Deano
Real Name: My real name is René Kristensen but I want to be called Deano
Age: I'm 16 years old
Date of Birth: My birthday is the 10th may
Location: I live in Denmark
State: No state
Postcode: No postcode
Time(GMT or EST): GMT+1 Copenhagen
Nicknames: Deano
Account Name: Don't got any yet
Join Date(Server): 2min ago
Our Server Characters(Name,Class,Race): Don't got any yet
Time Played(type /played): Haven't played yet
MSN: renekrist_5@hotmail.com
Email: romedk@gmail.com

What are you applying for?

GM Section -
Past Servers: KamicalWoW, CrusaderWoW(my own), FuloseWoW, Azuragaming, AdaminteWoW, Keldorei Gaming and a lot of small servers that closed after a week or less
Command for: I know mostly the commands for ArcEmu but I've also worked with Mangos/Trinity so I know some of them.
Searching all tickets(Trinity): .ticket list or .ticket onlinelist(for those who is online)
Opening a ticket(Trinity): .ticket viewid $ticketid
Closing a ticket(Trinity): .ticket close #ticketid

Q: GM i need some more gold, i lost it all please help.
Your Reply: Hello "name" I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to give out gold or item. I need to speak with an Admin about this first before I can help you. I'm truely sorry.

Q: I have found this bug, what should i do?
Your Reply: Hello "name" Please go to the forum and report the bug so the Developers can fix it. Thank You

Q: "Name" is hacking what should i do?
Your Reply: Hello "name" do you have a screenshot of the person hacking? If he answers yes then I would like to see it and if he says No then I would say. Can you please tell me what kind of hacking he did and is he hacking at the moment? If he says Yes then I would go invisible and appear to the person who is hacking and if he does I would kick him and if he comes back and hack again then I would kick him again and give him the warning that next he would get banned for 2days BUT if he said no then I would still go invisible and appear to the person who were hacking and keep an eye for him.

Extra: I also got some coding skills and its Html/css and atm I'm studying Php

Thats my application hope you enjoy reading it

Last edited by Deano on Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:55 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added some of my coding skills)
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PostSubject: Re: Deanos' GM application   Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:32 am

Also, a regular application. Good Luck.
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Deanos' GM application
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