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 Welcome Smokey To The Team!

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PostSubject: Welcome Smokey To The Team!   Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:02 pm

After interviewing him I have decided he is the perfect person to be co owner! Everyone welcome him, hopefully he can help us populate!

1. You Are Reading My Signature.
2. Now You're Saying/Thinking That's A Stupid Fact.
4. You Didn't Notice That I Skipped 3.
5. You're Checking It Now.
6. You're Smiling.
7. You're Still Reading My Signature.
9. You Know All You Have Read Is True.
10. You Didn't Notice That I Skipped 9.
11. You're Checking It Now And Figuring Out I Didn't Skip 9...
12. You Didn't Notice That I Skipped 8 Instead.
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Welcome Smokey To The Team!
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