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 [APPROVED] Alatara (GM Application)

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PostSubject: [APPROVED] Alatara (GM Application)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:42 pm

In-Game Name:Alatara
Real Name:Tony
Date of Birth:3/1/1991
Time(GMT or EST):you should know
Account Name:you know
Join Date(Server):Today
Our Server Characters(Name,Class,Race):Alatara,Mage,Humen Female
Time Played(type /played):2 hours

What are you applying for? Gm maybe more

GM Section -
Past Servers:Naxpgaming.com, Wotlkusa.com, Illidansreaver.servegame.com
Command for:im Experianced in arcemue, mangose but willing to learn
Searching all tickets(Trinity):
Opening a ticket(Trinity):
Closing a ticket(Trinity):

Q: GM i need some more gold, i lost it all please help.
Your Reply:I am not able to help but if you want help getting gold i would go on my alt and help you farm seince im in need of gold myself

Q: I have found this bug, what should i do?
Your Reply: post it on the forums, and if you are not able to post i will post for you flower

Q: "Name" is hacking what should i do?
Your Reply:I would go inves and inform the staff and investigate the hacker then with permistion ip ban
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[APPROVED] Alatara (GM Application)
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